Fat Dissolving Injections

The new Deoxycholic acid fat dissolving injection is designed to treat those difficult localised pockets of fat. Desobody, Desoface and Aqualyx products are proven to reduce fat deposits in the right patients. The sterile solution is indicated for localised adiposity of the face, neck and body. When treating the body localised adiposity is reduced and skin firmness is improved. When treating the face, drainage of excess fluids takes place as well as reduced localised adiposity.

How is Deso, different to the older fat dissolvers on the market?

Desobody, is the newest body fat dissolving injection formula on the market to date. It contains the active ingredient sodium deoxycholate (deoxycholic acid) which is a special, FDA-approved, medical detergent to break down fat cells. It has been shown to be safer, more effective and more comfortable than other older fat dissolvers such as Aqualyx and others on the market.

Desobody & Desoface strength is 1.25%, double the strength of Aqualyx.

What does it feel like?

As it is a medical, minimally invasive treatment there maybe some level of mild to moderate discomfort or sensitivity especially at the start of the treatment. The pain should be easy tolerated. The injectable does contain a local anaesthetic inside to minimise discomfort as much as possible. 

What can you expect immediately after the fat dissolving injections?

The treatment maybe followed by initial redness, localised swelling, bruising, tenderness and sensitivity in the treated area.

How long before we will see results?

Each patient is different however you should start seeing results from 2-3 weeks after your treatment. The gradual action

of the solution needs time to achieve the treatment aim. A course of treatments is required for larger areas of fat reduction. The results are permanent with sensible lifestyle , as fat cells are being destroyed. 


What is the downtime involved for the deso or Aqualyx?

Initial localised swelling and redness in the treatment area usually resolves within 3-4 days. There may be minor bruising, at the injection sites. Sensitivity and tenderness around the treated area, this will generally resolve in up to 10-14 days.



As long as you are generally healthy and don't have any skin diseases or infections in the area that's going to b e treated, there are few medical reasons why you should not undergo this treatment. Aqualyx and Deso are not recommended for women that are pregnant or breast feeding. It is also not recommended for those that have been diagnosed with lipodystrophy or any pathological conditions. In addition should only be used in people ages 18-60.


What instructions must clients follow after fat dissolving injections?

 * When having tummy, inner or outer thigh areas treated it is suggested to wear a compression garment        after the treatment for 72 hours e.g spanks.

 * Your normal daily routine may carry on and you may exercise as normal.

 * Avoid hot showers or baths on the day of your treatments.

 * 2-3 days after your fat dissolving injections its a recommended to massage the treated areas.

 * Avoid self tan for a week until the skin has fully healed.

 * It's recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid a day.


Are there any complications during or after the treatment?

During the treatment bruises may occur and that's why it is advised to pause with taking substances that dilute the blood and increase the risk of bruises, such as aspirin, nurofen, voltaren, vitamin e. An occurrence of painful nodules is usual and is a consequence of the inflammatory process that develops when fat is dissolved.