Skin Therapy

Here at Forever Enhanced Aesthetics we offer many different facials targeting a wide range of skin problems.

Treatments included a number of dermaplaning packages which include a million dollar facial, chemical peel, enzyme peels, micro needling and 24k gold collagen facials. In addition we provide radio frequency skin tightening and collagen boosting facials. If you're unsure which one would be suitable for you please have a read below or get in contact with a member of our team.

Non-Surgical Facelift

Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening

The most sought after Facial not only with clients that visit Forever Enhanced, but with todays big Celebs. 

The radio-frequency facial has many benefits that include skin tightening, improves acne scars, jawline contouring, wrinkle reduction, collagen boost and vibrant looking skin.

We combine 20 minutes of radio frequency skin tightening with an hours worth of our luxury collagen stimulating facial.

AW3's radio frequency produces alternating high and low frequency currents no less than a thousand times per second. Water molecules within the skin tissue twist and vibrate, causing friction and creating heat. This heat promotes blood circulation and also generates a wound-healing response within the body.

The dermal layer of the skin thickens and collagen is newly produced, resulting in wrinkles being pushed out as the skin becomes more firm.

The radio frequency skin tightening facial is great as a stand alone treatment, however the results are maximised ten folds with 4 weekley treatments.

If you would like more information on this facial or any of the above, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team.



Dermaplaing is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead cells and hair from your face. It's also called microplaning or blading. Dermaplaning aims to make your skin's surface smooth, youthful and radiant. This treatment claims to remove deep scarring from acne and uneven pockmarks on your skin. It's also used to remove "peach fuzz" the short soft hairs on your face.

Dermaplaning can be used for any skin type and anyone with: acne scars, dull skin, dry skin, sun damaged skin, and fine wrinkles. 

Contrary to what you've been told, dermaplaning will not make your hair grow back thicker or darker. Our hair will grow back exactly the same colour and thickness as it was previously... It's simply that after dermaplaning, because you are removing the dead layer of skin and vellus hair, your skin will appear much brighter than you've experienced in the past, and then after the regrowth, it may seem darker as your skin will start to look dull again.

There's little to no downtime required after a dermaplaning treatment. You wont need to take time off from work, and you may even be able to fit it in during your lunch break.

How it works..

If you look at the tool used for dermaplaning treatments, you may notice it looks like a razor you would use on your body hair. The blade type tool glides across the skin removing all impurities. 

We offer a number of dermaplaning packages, if you are unsure which would benefit you the most please don't hesitate to get in contact. Dermaplaning options...

Express Dermaplaning (dermaplane alone) - 30 minutes

Standard Dermaplaning (Deraplane plus facial using products) - 1 hour

A course of three standard dermaplanefacials (1 per 4 weeks)

Luxury Dermaplaning with enzyme peel & Gold Collagen mask (1hr 20mins)

Luxury 24k Gold Facial. Dermaplaning, Mesotherapy, and gold collagen mask (2 hours)

Gold Collagen Mask

Colloidal Gold

Also known as active Gold, colloidal gold helps to lift and firm the look of skin. Caffeine. Caffeine helps to tone and condition the appearance of skin.


Banishes dead skin and dirt.

24k gold masks adhere to the uppermost layer of dead skin and the dirt present in clogged pores. After the mask has dried, and remove it, it lifts off all the microparticles of dust and dirt along with it giving you radiant skin.

Fixes all skin issues with antioxidants.

Antioxidants are the best against free radicals that cause acne, pigmentation, dark spots, and uneven complexion. 24k gold masks give your skin and help to shield it from future damage too. 

Takes the years off your face.

Using gold masks result in a visible reduction of pore size and firmer skin, and will leave you looking younger as your skin appears brighter and tauter. With regular usage of 24k gold mask, you will also notice a reduction of fine line and wrinkles.

Gets rid of that ugly shine.

Gold masks absorb excess oil from your skin while unclogging and purifying your pores that gives you a natural matte and clarified complexion. These masks absorb the oil without dehydrating your skin and making it feel like rough cardboard.

Gently uproots fine facial hair.

This is a bonus of using a 24k gold mask. These masks stick to the fine facial hair on your skin and gently uproot them when you wash the mask off. Adding a shade of polish and radiance to your complexion, your skin will immediately look fresh instead of dull.

Easy hydration and nourishment.

Quite a lot of people use moisturiser to nourish and hydrate your skin like face moisturiser with spf 30. But did you know that your moisturiser may not be absorbed into your skin if you apply to hurriedly or unevenly? Also, when you live in a humidor dehydrating environment of skip moisturising, your skin is deprived of moisture and may age faster. 24k gold masks can combat all that loss of hydration and nutrition of your skin in just a few uses. Using gold masks, your weekly regimen can help your skin to heal even of you leave it neglected for the longest time.

Calms your skin - Anti-flammatory properties.

24k gold masks have a cool and soothing effect on your skin, which makes use for quick pampering or destressing session. The anti-flammatory properties in the colloidal gold present in these masks help to remove dirt, dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads easily. They also help in reducing skin inflammation from micro-acid particals in the air or even breakouts or rashes.

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Want to keep your skin young as you age, try dermapen skin needling treatment...

Dermapen skin needling also known as microneedling is increasingly being accepted by the people and is one of the most innotive rejuvenation therapies available today for treating various skin problems. It is very natural that as we age the production of the fibroblast cells that simulates the growth of collagen and elastin diminishes, which will result in sagging of the skin, appearing of wrinkles and fine lines and loose skin. It is very important to stimulate the production of the collagen and elastin for healthier and younger looking skin and this can be done with the Dermapen skin needling treatment.

Dermapen skin needling will create the micro-injuries which will ultimately trigger and growth of fibroblast cells that will stimulate the production of collagen resulting in plumper and smoother looking skin.

Basically, the Dermapen skin needling helps the skin to repair itself after it has encountered any physical damage like cuts, scars or any other physical damage. When an injury occurs, your skin will destroy the old, damaged tissue that causing acne scarring and wrinkles and will replace it with freshly produced collagen. This treatment is best for all skin types and tones, especially for the people who are facing a problem like acne scarring, wrinkling, fine lines and dilated pores. You might know that Dermapen skin needling treats the full face for the skin rejuvenation but its not restricted only to face; it can also treat the other areas of the body like the abdominal scars, stretch marks, burn contracture scars and also the loose body skin.

Why choose Dermapen skin needling over the surgical treatments?

This microneedling treatment gives you rejuvenated and plumper skin with no pain, minimal discomfort and with very little downtime. Being the most advanced treatment, it can easily treat the hard to reach areas like around the nose, eyes, and lips. Needles are injected vertically so that it can easily penetrate scar tissue. It is the most controlled and consistent treatment that yields optimal results. It causes less pain and redness for the patient. 

Microneedling Dermapen

Chemical Skin Peels

A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. The skin that grows back after a chemical peel is smoother and younger looking.

Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, skin discoloration and scars — typically on the face. A chemical peel can be done alone or in combination with other cosmetic procedures.

Chemical peels can be done at different depths — light, medium or deep — depending on your desired results. Each type of chemical peel uses a different chemical solution. Deeper chemical peels produce more-dramatic results, but also involve longer recovery times.

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Microneedling with Enzyme Peel

After having a microneedling session, we can combine an enzyme peel to enhance the end results. An enzyme peel is a blend of natural fruit ingredients that digest dead skin cells, exposing the healthier, younger skin layer underneath. Enzyme peels are a gentler solution than the more aggressive chemical peel option. Enzymes exfoliate dead cells and accelerate skin cell renewal.