Semi-Permanent Brows 
Microblading & Microshading

Having full eyebrows and thick arches wasn’t always the most popular trend out there, but these days it is as popular as ever. There are a number of products that help with fuller looking eyebrows, but sometimes people need something more than just a product or two. For those people needing something dependable and long-lasting, microblading is really taking off in popularity.

Below is a closer look at this very popular procedure more and more people are using. From general questions to any type of side effects, everything is answered for those who don’t know much about my microblading right now. Before going through with the procedure, it is always important to know all the basics beforehand.

How does Microblading work?

Microblading is a technique used in the makeup world to insert pigment into the top layers of skin in the eyebrow areas. This process is a semi-permanent solution for people looking to improve the overall shape as well as fullness in the eyebrows.

A lot of people are looking for a natural looking, fuller set of eyebrows. Some people are born with thinner eyebrows, while others notice that they begin to thin out as a person ages. A good procedure will be able to add fullness without looking fake in any way. A person’s natural look should just fit the face perfectly, not overly stand out


How long does Microblading last?

Most people will see that they can get about one to two years out of a procedure, but it all depends on a number of factors. People have different skin types, and the pigment will start the fade on some people faster than others. Even just getting one year out of it is still a pretty good deal for a lot of people, which is why they don’t mind going back from time to time.

Even when the pigment starts to fade, the results are very natural and lifelike for the most part. That is something that really is important with brows because a person wants to have a natural look at all times.


What should clients expect?

When a person hears about blades and ink being injected into the skin, it certainly sounds like microblading could be a very painful process overall. While it is not completely pain-free, most people are surprised by how little discomfort they go through during the procedure.

Patients will have the option to have numbing cream applied to the eyebrow area, and that does help with the pain quite a bit, however here at Forever Enhanced we suggest to do the treatment without the numbing cream. The microblading procedure is done with a bunch of tiny blades, the incisions are made whilst pushing the pigment into the skin.. There’ll be times in which it can be felt and is painful for that short instant, but other times it feels like nothing was done.

What stands out to a lot of people more than the pain is the sound during the procedure. A person can hear the scraping being done on the skin. It’s a weird sound for sure, and something few get used to.

After the microblading procedure, the next 10 days are very important for patients. There are a number of things that can really help to not only feel completely normal but also to avoid losing the effectiveness of the procedure.

The brows need to stay as dry as possible after the procedure for the next 10 days or so to avoid losing some of the ink in the skin. That means water should be avoided, but it also means sweat should be avoided as well. It is tough for some people to avoid sweating too much shortly after the procedure, but it is going to be extremely vital when trying to maximize the lasting effects.

The whole process does need to be repeated a month after the first procedure. This is to make sure that everything is done correctly and that certain areas that were maybe rejected at first can get ink injected again.


Are there any side effects to Microblading?

A lot of first-timers will notice that there will be a lot of itchiness in the area shortly after leaving the office. That will usually last for about one day, and obviously, it is beneficial for people to avoid scratching if at all possible.

Since it is important to keep the eyebrows dry for some days after, it makes it difficult to take showers or bathe in general. It takes some creativity to get normal tasks done in the bathroom, but it all works out for most.

Finally, there are a lot of people who will notice some scabbing from the blades after the procedure is done. This is something that is normal, and there will not be scarring afterwards. About the only way, there could be scarring is if a person is constantly picking at the scabs. Leave them alone, and everything should be fine as they naturally fall off.

What microblading treatments do we offer at Forever Enhanced?

Microblading Hairstroke: Very natural hair stroke looking brows. the choice to have a fuller brow where the technician will complete the brow by doing the hairstrokes close together. Client's also have the choice to have the strokes further apart or simply just to fill missing gaps within the natural brow hair. The Microblading hairstrokes technique is carried out using a handheld tool. 

Microblading Ombre shading: Gives the look of a coloured in brow. Dark shading at the tail of the brow leading into a lighter colouring at the front of the brow. Client's have the option to have both the handheld tool and the microblading machine to complete this treatment. 

Combination Brow: A combination of the microblading shading and microblading hairstroke. The beginning of the brow will consist of the hairstrokes leading into the shading throughout the middle and to the end of the brow. 

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